Oh! Santa Monica by Tanya White


by Ann Giselle Spiegler, dir. by Michelle Joyner

Last Christmas by Jamison Newlander

dir. by Adam J. Smith

The Watering Hole by Steve Serpas

dir. by Eric Bloom

A Water Story (formerly Beeing There)

by Isabella Russell-Ides, dir. Jen Bloom

Don Gaspar de Portola Meets the Indians

by Jefferson Byrd, dir. by William Charlton


Advice From a Santa Monica 6th Lifer

by Lisa Kenner Grissom, dir. by Jen Bloom

The Battle for Santa Monica Bay!

written & dir. by Carey Upton

Weekend Getaway by Vasanti Saxena

dir. by Lovell Holder

The Reaper by Raegan Payne

dir. by Michelle Joyner

The Historian by Rachel Kann, dir. by Jen Bloom

The LineUp by Kevin Walsh, dir. by Eric Bloom


The Santa Monica Musical Extravaganza

written & dir. by Andrea Schell

See You At Skater’s Ballroom

by Susan Bullington Katz, dir. by Joanna Syiek

5:15 am Ocean Ave by Mary Steelsmith

dir. by Ann Marie Tullo

It's not About Race by Jennie Webb

dir. by Jen Bloom

The Alienation Effect by Bill Mesnik

dir. by Jen Bloom

WaveFest Staff

Jen Bloom - WaveFest Artistic Director

Eric Bloom - Artistic Director, SM Rep

Producing Director, Wave Fest

Bart Petty, Ann Marie Tullo - Co-Producers and Wave Coordinators

Eric Bloom*, Jen Bloom*, Sarah Gurfield*,

Bart Petty, Ann Marie Tullo - SM Rep Staff


Isabel Storey- Publicity

Brandon Roosa- Graphic Design

Michelle Joyner, Sara Mayer - Curating Committee

Patrick Varon - Management Intern, CSULB

Maddie Keller - Costumes

Mike Stone - Lighting

Natalya Zernitskaya - Stage Manager

Princella Baker - Production Apprentice

John Mulhern -  Lighting Apprentice



Eric Bloom - 1,2

Jen Bloom - 1,2,3

William Charlton - 1

Lovell Holder - 2

Michelle Joyner - 1,2

Andrea Schell - 3

Adam J. Smith - 1

Joanna Syiek - 3

Ann Marie Tullo - 3

Carey Upton - 2

Company: Wave 3

Sola Bamis

David Bickford

Eric Bloom

Kathleen Collignon Holland

Gugun Deep Singh

Troy Dunn

Michelle Joyner

Linda Larson

Jamie Mills

Andy Mitton

Doug Oliphant

Charles Romaine

Ariel Sands

Andrea Schell

Barbara Jean Urich

Susan Wilder

Shana Gregory Williams

WaveFest is a series of short plays presented in 3 waves. Every wave runs for two weekends and consists of five new plays (plus some surprises) from some of the most exciting and talented local playwrights around.  


Every wave is different so make sure you catch 'em all.



Catch a wave. . .


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Helen K. Garber  www.helenkgarber.com

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